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A Synergy of Art and Artifice

Kinetic art relates to the real or apparent movement of an art piece with roots derived from the Constructivist and Dadaist movements.

What is Kinetic art?

Given the myriad of different emphasis in kinetic art, from visual illusion or retinal art, through to mobiles and arguably even a woodpecker toy!

The Wikipedia entry on kinetic art gives a historical perspective going back to 1913 (with Marcel Duchamp) but it would appear the popularity of Kinetic art blossomed since the 1950’s. Recently the developments in 3D printing and robots lend to ever more complex and intricate work, for example the Kinetic Rain installation at Singapore’s Changi airport.

Mechanical Automata is another key influence which has been extended with the work of Theo Jansen , a Kinetic Sculptor who has developed strandbeests, large walking structures powered by the wind.

There are a variety of mechanical means for powering the movement: From hand powered, wind, wave, steam,clockwork to electrical and solar energy. Our focus is on electrical and solar (see our Technology page).

For an esoteric view on kinetic art Tim Hunkin’s site shows the cartoonist engineer’s take on the scene. Here the original emphasis on ‘readymade’ appears to resurface.

At Artbot our focus is to make memorable moving works that attracts attention, whether on a large or small scale.

Even a simple woodpecker toy can  evoke the principles of Kinetic art