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A Synergy of Art and Artifice

Technologies used by Artbot

Technology is not an end in itself. What makes technology useful is the ways in which  it is used to enable design concepts to evolve from thought to reality.

A variety of technology is used to make ArtBot creations. The keys ones we use are:-

3D Printing

A key part of the way we build our products is through additive 3D printing. We believe it's going to be more than just another manufacturing technology and allows a high level of precision and the capability to hide underlying mechanisms in the result.

Check out the Artbot Blog to see why!

Solar Engines

We use BEAM type solar engines in some of our products. If you've not come accross this before check out the solarbotics site here

3D Scanning

You have a hard time designing art with just a drawing tablet. We are looking forward to the delivery of our 3D scanner in the near future to add to our capabilities. We choose the DAVID Laserscanner from DAVID Vision Systems