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A Synergy of Art and Artifice

Artbot was set up to explore and develop the world of kinetic art in a commercial context.

Kinetic Art combined with 3D Printing

ArtBot is about producing commercial art. Not just any type of art, but art that moves, and we have started on the path to produce moving (or kinetic) art, by using 3D print technologies.

A key component of the motive power for our products is the use of small solar powered engines where feasible for the requirements of an installation.

What direction is Artbot taking the concept of Kinetic Art?

Artbot Evolution

We see 3D printing as empowering technology which to support our Art

Why Use 3D technology?

Kinetic or moving art has been around since the 1900’s

What is Kinetic art?

Artbot - A Synergy of Art and Artifice


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